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Why I Resist

I RESIST because I believe in true equality for all mankind regardless of your gender, economic status, race, religion or sexual preference.  I have been the victim of sexual & racial discrimination throughout my life.  We must now be empowered.  Although I am a descendant of slaves I recognize we are a country of immigrants who came here for freedom and a better way of life.  Our beautiful country is being destroyed by Trump & his advisory team which represents anti-semitism, white supremacy & misogyny.  Trump praises Putin & colludes with Russia to spread divisive propaganda in order to win the election & influence Americans.  Please remember Trump never denounced David Duke or the KKK after claiming to not know him when interviews proved otherwise.  Trump's appointment of Bannon was a strong sign of support for the alternative right.  
Under Bannon's leadership, Breitbart News has published derogatory pieces on women & many minorities.  Trump has emboldened these hate groups with inflammatory language to step out of the darkness and spread evil.  The violence all around our country is heartbreaking.   
I DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE BUT TO RESIST.  I cannot stand by while people are being stripped of their rights & Trump turns his back on Puerto Rico.  Women are being told what they can and cannot do with their bodies, transgenders are no longer allowed to make sacrifices for our country, Muslims are banned, assaulted & killed, Mexicans are depicted as inferior and BLACK lives are not as precious as those of Whites.   
Trump has now attacked the First Amendment, our right to peacefully protest to address police brutality towards Blacks & the media by threatening to take away broadcast licenses.  His priorities should be providing the necessary relief to Puerto Rico, addressing gun control, diffusing tensions with North Korea and unifying our country.
We can normalize Trump's behavior and what is happening in our country.  We cannot accept it as the "world we live in now".  The resistance demands that we that we stand up for what we know to be right and true, not because it's popular but because it is necessary.  We must fight every day with love in our hearts to speak up and protect women, our veterans, Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, the impoverished, the LGBTQ and the physically & mentally challenged.  I believe in Good, I believe in Love & I believe we can unite to take back our beautiful melting pot of a country.  #LoveByCandace